Meijerhof’s vision is to be the go-to brand for beautifully bespoke women’s apparel. Through our tailored head-turning pieces, we help our customers feel empowered, confident and feminine.


All our pieces are designed in Vienna and produced in our small atelier in Romania managed by Lucia (the mother). We create very limited quantities per color and design because we believe in the uniqueness of each woman and want that to be showcased through the pieces she wears. 



All our collections are designed by us thoughtfully with the focus on creating timeless pieces and feminine silhouettes. 

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MEIJERHOF is not just focusing on offering feminine pieces but we have an all-woman-team. The center of our attraction is equality and woman power so our atelier and local shop in Vienna is filled with hardworking woman with conscious mindsets. 

1 order = 1 tree

To neutralize our CO2 emissions and in support of the regrowth of our forests, we believe planting a tree is the best thing we can do.


We have partnered with Tree-Nation, which is an organization dedicated to fighting climate change and reforesting the world. Trees play an important role in our ecosystem. Deforestation doesn’t just affect the flora and fauna but also has an impact on humans.

Dry Reeds